The police are often called to Gomila area for fights. | Vasil Vasilev


Palma City Council wants to close the stairs that connect Plaza Mediterráneo to the Passeig Marítimo overnight and install extra monitoring, after complaints from neighbours about excessive noise, violence, drinking and drug abuse in Plaza Gomila after the clubs close at 06.00.

The President of the Associació de Veïns El Terreno Bellver, Xavier Abraham says shutting the stairs overnight would really help the situation because a lot of people who party in the area, park their cars in El Terreno and leave tons of rubbish lying in the streets.

"Every weekend there is a mess, we have denounced it in every possible way,” he said. “The most important thing would be to increase vigilance during the weekends, that’s what the residents who are most affected want and the association supports their demand.”

At a meeting of the Municipal Board of Ponent District, PP spokesperson, Mercedes Celeste, pointed out that “El Terreno has gained special relevance since the last edition of the Ciutat de Palma awards, whose gala revolved around this emblematic neighbourhood of Palma,” adding, “now the government has the opportunity to demonstrate its commitment to this area by responding to a problem that is repeated week after week, from Thursday to Sunday, until the early hours of the morning, which disturbs the neighbours and compromises their safety.”

Other issues discussed at the meeting included the eviction of squatters in los Jardines de la Cuarentena and the renovation of pavements in Plaça d’España.

The government team eventually approved 18 proposals for neighbourhoods in Palma.