Graphic of the works planned at Son Sant Joan airport


Palma airport has become embroiled in a controversy over plans to modernise its facilities and make them more competitive. The terminal building was inaugurated in 1996, nearly 25 years ago.

AENA states that the current area is not being extended and will meet with Government representatives and Enaire next week.

The project

AENA is planning to invest 559 million euros in Son Sant Joan airport between 2019 and 2023 to reform and modify modules A and D as well as the access roads.

AENA points out that the objective is to adapt the current infrastructure to comply with new European and Environmental regulations, not to expand the current surface of the airport, saying its capacity is determined by the 2001 DORA plan and is not being modified. It sets a maximum of 66 aircraft movements per hour, between landings and take-offs, and any changes must be processed before Civil Aviation Authority.


Related news

Three files worth a total of 260 million euros are to be tendered for the remodelling of the Terminal Building which specify a series of changes to Module A at a cost of 224 million euros, Module D for 19.3 million and modifications to the airport roads and parking which will amount to 16.8 million euros.

Government position

The three parties that make up the Government, PSIB, Més per Mallorca and Unidos Podemos, object to expanding the airport if it means increasing capacity. The Minister of Mobilitat, Marc Pons, has said that the Executive welcomes improvements to the facilities and he will meet with AENA and Enaire officials on Thursday to discuss the details.

The Socialist Deputy in Madrid, Pere Joan Pons, said after a meeting with AENA that he saw nothing in the project that amounts to expansion of the perimeter or an increase in capacity.

Platform Request

However, the Platform against the expansion of Palma airport claims that the project does involve expansion plans aimed at increase the number of passengers.

“The whole process is a farce, since the works have already been defined to the point of having been awarded, regardless of the allegations that may arise from the public exhibition process,” said a representative, who added that they have called for an immediate halt to the project.

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