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Before and after in Mallorca

Before and after in Mallorca


Terraferida 09/02/2023

A suspension of construction work was finally announced.


Cancelling Easter: the week in Majorca

Coronavirus cases kept increasing; there was massive layoff of workers; and it snowed in Majorca.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter28/03/2020 08:31


Under construction

The Balearic government wants to call a halt to construction work.

Andrew Ede26/03/2020 10:58

Construction work could be suspended.

State of emergency

Proposals for a rent moratorium and suspension of construction work

The Balearic government is calling for the suspension of construction activity and for help for tenants.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter24/03/2020 15:25

There will be some hotel redevelopment work over the next couple of winters. But then what?


Hotel modernisation work will come to an end in 2020

The current government has not extended legislation to facilitate modernisation which the Partido Popular introduced.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter07/05/2018 00:00

The recent boom in Balearic construction will not carry through to this winter.


Building sector activity in the Balearics is levelling off

There are hotel projects, but the moratorium on large commercial developments is one reason why this winter's building activity may only be moderate.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter14/09/2016 00:00