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Lidl has ordered the urgent withdrawal of 7.5 gram tins of Kania oregano with a use by date of 07/22 and the numbers LA91832 and LC91834 which come from the supplier, WEIAN GmbH.

Tests showed that the products contain high levels of pyrrolizidine alkaloids, which can cause liver damage.

Lidl has issued a statement informing consumers about the dangers of the product and urging them not to eat it.

Important information for customers:

Product return request “Kania Oregano (7.5g)

January 28, 2020. Lidl Spain requests the return of the product “Kania Oregano, 7.5g” with the preferred consumption date 07/2022 and the lot numbers LA91832 and LC91834 from the supplier WEIAN GmbH.

During internal controls, a high value of pyrrolizidine alkaloids has been detected. Alkaloids are plant components from unwanted plants that grow alongside crops and have not separated properly during harvest. These can cause liver problems in cases of prolonged intake, therefore we ask customers to return the product and not eat it.

Both lots can be returned at any Lidl store where the purchase price will be refunded, with or without a receipt.

No other batch of oregano and or any other product of the KANIA brand, sold by Lidl, is affected by this return campaign.

Lidl Spain and the supplier WEIAN GmbH apologise to all customers affected by the inconvenience caused.

A notice about the withdrawal has also been published on Twitter, by Miguel A. Lurueña @gominolasdpetro which says,

Product withdrawal in @lidlespana "Kania Oregano" due to high content of pyrrolizidine alkaloids, which can cause liver damage after prolonged consumption.