Expansion at the airport does not mean exceeding current hourly flight capacity. | Archive


The director of Son Sant Joan Airport, Tomás Melgar, has denied that the expansion plan will involve increased hourly flight capacity. This will still be 66 flights per hour (arrivals and departures). "This capacity is not going to vary. It has been an Aena strategy since 1999. Over 21 years, therefore, the capacity has not increased, despite the fact that it could have done and could do. But this is not in Aena's strategic interest."

The project for expansion and remodelling, Melgar adds, refers to an increase in the number of passengers, which "would occur without undertaking the work". "In no way does the project refer to the declared capacity of the airport; only to foreseeable demand."

This demand is estimated to be close to 34 million passengers by 2025. In 2019, there were 29.8 million passengers.