The flower market at the Sant Francesc Hotel. | Julián Aguirre


The Valentine's Day tradition of romantic love can be traced back to the times of Geoffrey Chaucer in England. Current-day symbols therefore reflect this tradition; hearts and flowers being the most obvious.

In Palma's La Rambla there are flowers in abundance. Roses of all colours are priced between 1.50 and three euros. There are also flowers accompanied by Teddy bears. Mercé Zoroa of Floristeria Mercé has had a stall for fifty years. Her niece now assists her in preparing a range of roses, although she says that more flowers are sold on Mother's Day than on Valentine's Day.

On the patio at the Sant Francesc Hotel, a flower market is being held (Friday is the final day). Joana Maria Cerdà of Tinons Floral Designer has turned the area into a garden with some fifty floral designs which feature poppies and peonies, among other flowers.

Although the rose is the main symbol of love, events organiser Tania Baides says that red roses are not so popular with a younger market which wants something that will surprise.

As for food for Valentine's Day, chef Alvar Albadalejo at the Sant Francesc is creating dishes with essential ingredients from four types of flower. There are also balloons, such as the red heart-shaped balloons from Adrián Blanco at Carnaval Center.