Archive photo of Police In Palma | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter - Ultima Hora


A Spanish woman has been charged with the temporary abandonment of a minor in Palma after allegedly leaving her 10-year-old son locked in the car while she went drinking.

A passerby called Police after seeing the child crying in a parked car in Carrer de Baltasar Valentí at around 2am on Saturday. Officers confirmed that the boy couldn’t open the door because his mother had locked it from the outside and when asked where she was, he pointed to a local bar.

Police went into the bar and found the defendant who they said was very drunk and reportedly told them 'my son was sleepy and I wanted to come to the bar, but I went out to see how he was every ten minutes.”

The car was unlocked and the crying child and his mother went home in a taxi.

Witnesses in the bar allegedly told Police that it’s not the first time the woman left her son in the car so that she could go drinking.

Palma Local Police have handed over a written report to the Juvenile Prosecutor.