International Women's Day is on 8 March.


The Majorca Feminist Movement has announced that there will be a "strike" in the Balearics to mark International Women's Day on the eighth of March, which is actually a Sunday. There has been a lack of unanimity among Spain's regions as whether there should be a "general strike". Individual regions are therefore making their own decisions.

The action in the Balearics will involve students and workers, who are typically from some areas of the public sector. There will also be a rally and march starting at 12.00 in Plaça Espanya, Palma.

Violet is the colour that will unite a series of activities before and after International Women's Day. Among other things, the feminism in the school network will be preparing a video that expresses pupils' concerns, while Manacor is to hold its first women's fair (the day before International Women's Day) and the Council of Majorca will be holding a conference about feminist municipalism.


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E Weldon / Hace about 1 year

In UK we will be having a Big Rally in London for “WASPI” women as well! -women born in 1950’s have had their rightful pensions Stolen by UK Government and some women have to work another 6 years till they get their Pension they thought they would get at 60 years of age Internacional Women’s Day and WASPI Women in UK! Women are still fighting -rebelling for their Rights