Majorcan Hotel Chains investing in Varadero, Cuba | MDB


Majorcan Hotel chains are expanding in Cuba despite orders from the US State Department and President Donald Trump not to invest in the Caribbean Island or develop commercial relations with the public tourism companies, Cubanacan case, Greater Caribbean and Seagull.

There are seven Majorcan chains in Cuba including, Meliá, Iberostar, Be Live, Barceló, Roc, Valentín and Blau and they manage more than one hundred hotels between them.

“At the moment there are many opportunities to be able to stay with establishments, the result of part of the tightening of the US blockade by decision of the US president. Government companies offer us new hotels and each one works accordingly according to their own interests,” said hotel sources.

In the last five months, the three main Cuban Tourism Companies, Cubanacan, Gran Caribe and Gaviota have closed their operations in the main holiday enclaves of the country, particularly in Varadero and the Majorcan Hoteliers intend to take advantage of the opportunity to expand.

Meliá & Iberostar

Iberostar is snapping up emblematic buildings in the main cities in the interior of the country for its historic hotels project, a newly created segment of unique establishments which are of architectural, historical or cultural significance and hold a special charm. Trump's blockade does not affect this expansion strategy in Cuba.

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Meliá plans to strengthen its leading luxury vacation brands by reforming its most emblematic hotels to improve facilities and services.

Both chains account for about 70 establishments and are the main foreign tourism companies in Cuba.

Neither Iberostar or Melià plan to halt their projects despite threats from the Trump Administration.

Valentín, Roc, Blau, Globalia and Barceló Group also agree that despite all the problems generated by the US economic blockade, they will continue with their expansion plans.

“Investing in Cuba is a commitment to the future and we will increase our presence according to the projects presented to us,” they said.