The area where the road rage occurred.

15-02-2020Teresa Ayuga - Archive

A 28-year-old Moldovan faces a sentence of 21 months for having thrown some form of bottle top during a road-rage incident.

On the eleventh of June 2017, the accused's BMW was tailgating a car on the Via Cintura heading in the Andratx junction just before the Soller exit. Both vehicles were in the outside lane. The driver of the other car, in which his wife and two children were passengers, pulled into the middle lane. The accused drove past and threw the bottle top that struck and damaged the side of the car (the damage cost 356 euros to repair).

The prosecution service is seeking the sentence for reckless driving and causing damage and is also calling for the withdrawal of the accused's licence for five years.


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Yogi / Hace about 1 year

Don't see why the negatives on my comment. Would prefer those who take the time to press a red box to comment on why so? Or perhaps they like tossing bottle tops out of their BMWs, or think nearly three years is a sensible time scale to bring this nonsense to court or would happily cough up 350€ for what could only be a minor scratch at best. AND what bottle was the bottle top from?


Steve Kane / Hace about 1 year

I would not mind betting the driver whose car was hit by this "very heavy bottle top" !!!! was some kind of official in the town hence the case being brought to court


Yogi / Hace about 1 year

Why on earth do these things take the best part of 3 years to get done. How does another driver throw a bottle top at another car and hit the side of it, all whilst at fast speed? And how could it cost 300+ Euros worth of damage. Load of nonsense.