The ongoing battle against "tourism of excesses". | Michel's


Calvia town hall says that surveillance of street selling will be intensified this summer and that a bylaw amendment is being prepared in respect of noise. This will allow Calvia police to seal sound equipment and stop parties with irregularities "in situ".

This announcement followed the latest monthly meeting of the nightlife working party, the objective of which is to tackle so-called tourism of excesses and to enhance the quality of nightlife areas.

The amendment being planned to municipal ordinance will increase local police capacity for acting on the spot against the lack of a music licence and the manipulation of sound limiters. The town hall adds that this amendment will be in force by the start of the tourism season.

As for street selling, surveillance and control campaigns by Calvia police will be stepped up. The police will continue to work closely with the Guardia Civil, with particular attention being paid to the fact that street selling can be a cover for drug dealing.

The nightlife working party comprises various town hall departments, including the police, hotelier associations, Calvia Radio Taxi, the associations for nightlife and tourist services businesses (Abone and Acotur), and the Guardia Civil.