Vultures were released in the Tramuntana on Wednesday.


Two vultures which had been treated by the Cofib consortium for the recuperation of fauna were released on Wednesday at the Binifaldo finca between Lluc and Pollensa.

Cofib treated the vultures at Natura Parc. One of them was taken in by the consortium in 2017. A young bird, there were serious problems with its plumage. Towards the end of its recovery period it was at the Mediterranean Wildlife Foundation's facilities.

The second vulture was found last November by Pollensa police. It had a cranium injury and was partially blind. The bird required three weeks of intensive care and then two and a half months rehabilitation in a flight cage.

The environment minister, Miquel Mir, and the director-general for natural spaces and biodiversity, Llorenç Mas, were among those who went to Binifaldo to see the vultures released back to the wild and to their habitat in the Tramuntana Mountains.