Speeding offences have come down in the Balearics.


Based on data from the traffic directorate, a report from the AEA automobile organisation shows that 60% of fines in the Balearics in 2019 were for speeding. There were 95,667 fines for speeding, which represented a decrease of 29%. In total, there were 159,561 fines for traffic offences, a fall of 18%.

There were increases in fines for using a phone (up 29% to 5,487) and for not wearing seatbelts (up 20% to 6,703). After speeding, the infraction to attract most fines was driving a vehicle without an up-to-date ITV (MOT). There were 19,143 fines for this, a decrease of 6.4%. Driving without insurance was down 19% to 5,649, and there was a very slight fall (0.9%) for driving under the influence of drink or drugs (5,916 in all).

Nationwide, there was a 9.4% increase in fines to 4,505,867. Speeding was the cause of 2,933,244 of these. Andalusia, with 1,053,989, had the most fines of any region.

AEA says that of the ten most frequent infractions, just two showed significant decreases in the country as a whole - these were for driving with an expired licence and for driving under the influence. The association finds it particularly concerning that there were increases for not wearing seatbelts and for driving without a licence.