Eroski, Bendinat | Sophie Jane Hopwood


Usually when I go to my local supermarket on a weekday morning it?s pretty empty and I have peace to wander and buy what I need without dodging trolleys.

Supermarket queue, El Corte Inglés, Palma.

But the coronavirus crisis has definitely changed all that and now it?s heaving with people who are filling up their trolleys like there?s no tomorrow.

Supermarket basket, El Corte Inglés

There?s still plenty of food and toilet rolls etc in El Corte Inglés in Avinguda Jaume III in Palma, but outside the capital it?s all gone a bit nuts.

Sophie Jane Hopwood had a bit of a vent on Facebook after a not so pleasant visit to Eroski in Bendinat.

?Honestly the things I have seen this morning ?. This was 9am as they (Eroski) opened!

Eroski, Bendinat

"Yes the supermarkets are low in stock and ?some? shelves are empty but please do not behave like animals! Running for the last trolley, pushing and shoving and arguing over parking spaces! Including mine! Drop me out and calm yourselves down! Kindness and courtesy of others especially now! Honestly! A coffee and a workout, and business as usual for me" ?

Aldi, Magalluf

In search of a few other bits, Sophie headed for Aldi in Magalluf but some of the shelves there were empty too.

It?s at times like this that social media goes completely bananas and Facebook and Twitter have been awash with arguments over coronavirus for weeks, with scaremongers battling naysayers on a daily basis.

On top of that we?ve just found out that a Hollywood actor and his wife have tested positive for Covid-19, does that mean that none of us are safe?

Tom Hanks who?s in Australia working on a new film about Elvis tweeted to the world that he and Rita Wilson had been infected and literally the next day the supermarket shelves in one Hollywood supermarket were cleared.

Trader Joe's, Los Angeles

When British Screenwriter, Nicola Pittam, took a trip to Trader Joe?s on the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Crescent Heights in Los Angeles, this is what she found.

Trader Joe's, Los Angeles

Governments across the globe keep tightening restrictions to try to kill off the coronavirus, but that just seems to make people panic even more and start stocking up on stuff they would never normally buy.

Majorca is now on lockdown, but if that doesn't stop the Covid-19 virus in its tracks, where do we go from here?