Pedro Sánchez on Saturday evening. | Efe


Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez addressed the Spanish people on Saturday evening, stating that his government's mission is "to protect Spaniards and beat the virus".

The state of alert means that restrictions on personal movement were as had been identified earlier in the day.

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An explanation was given that all bars and restaurants (over 300,000 in Spain) must close with the exception of those making home deliveries. In terms of retail activity, shops selling food and drink, pharmacies, opticians, tobacconists and newsagents, dry cleaners, hairdressers, suppliers of IT equipment, shops selling pet food, petrol stations will or can remain open. Banks will also be open.

As from tonight (Saturday), the government's decree establishes that crowds must be avoided and that a safety distance of one metre must be maintained in order to avoid contagion.

The measures apply for fifteen days, but can be extended.