Building work in Palma. | Pilar Pellicer


Given the fact that the Spanish government has not taken a decision to stop construction activity, the regional housing minister, Marc Pons, told representatives of the Balearics construction industry on Wednesday that they must ensure compliance with health and safety demands for workers.

The minister held a videoconference with business association and union leaders as well as with representatives from local authorities. Wednesday's videoconference was the latest for what is now daily monitoring of the situation in the construction industry. Over the past few days, the various parties have been working on establishing a directive for preventive measures and for guaranteeing health and safety.

This directive is to be issued by the ministries of housing, employment and health. At present, the Balearics is the only region of Spain to have established such an order.

Pons explained that on Tuesday he had said to the national minister for the urban agenda, José Luis Ábalos, that the Balearic government believed that it would be appropriate to temporarily suspend construction activity. For now, the Spanish government doesn't envisage a suspension.

The minister therefore stressed the need for responsibility and for applying the regional directive to all workers, subcontractors, architects, directors of works and others.