Carlos S. was arrested in Muro. | Alejandro Sepulveda - Archive


A robber who used a harpoon when stealing from a supermarket in Maria de la Salut faces a possible fifteen years in prison.

On the sixth of June last year, 37-year-old Carlos S. and another defendant (aged 45) went to a carpentry workshop in Santa Margalida, forced their way in and drove off with a Suzuki Samurai and a Citroën Jumper van, in the back of which were some motors. A third person, aged 56, subsequently sold the stolen material for 187 euros.

Carlos S. used the stolen Suzuki to drive to a bar in Muro. Closed at the time - it was 5.30 in the morning - he broke in by smashing the glass in the front door and seized 700 euros from a slot machine. Just before 8am, he then went to a supermarket in Maria de la Salut. It was closed but there were two employees inside. He knocked on the door and demanded to be let in. When this was refused, he kicked the glass in the door, entered and threatened the two women with a harpoon and a knife. They handed over 200 euros from a till, and he took two phones, one belonging to the supermarket and the other to one of the employees.

He was arrested soon afterwards by the Guardia Civil and has been on remand ever since. As well as the prison sentence being demanded by the prosecution, there are further demands to pay compensation to the owners of the Citröen and the motors (a total of 4,645 euros) as well as 790 euros to the manager of the bar in Muro and 820 euros to the supermarket owners.

The prosecution is seeking five years for the 45-year-old who helped him with the carpentry workshop break-in and eighteen months for the 56-year-old for receiving stolen goods.