Only one coronavirus death reported in China on Monday. | EFE


There was only one death from Covid-19 pneumonia in the whole of China on Monday and it was in the city of Wuhan, the source of the pandemic.

There were 48 new diagnosis, which according to the Chinese National Health Commission were all people arriving from outside the country.

A total of 81,518 people have been diagnosed with coronavirus in China since the start of the pandemic, 3,305 have perished and 76,052 people have been discharged.

Since the pandemic started spreading across the rest of the world, many Chinese nationals have returned to their country, which is why there’s been a rebound in the number of imported cases in recent weeks.

706,017 people who had close contact with someone who’s infected have been medically monitored, 19,853 are still under observation and 183 are suspected coronavirus cases.

New and stricter quarantine regulations in Beijing, Shanghai and other big cities have resulted in more patients being put under observation in the last few days.

On March 12, the Chinese government declared that coronavirus transmissions had peaked.