Majorca Mayors demand coronavirus infection details. | Jaume Morey


The Balearic Government refuses to release the personal data of those who've tested positive for Covid-19 or the number of infections in each individual town on the island in order to avoid social stigmatization of the sick and their families.

But the Mayors of some municipalies are concerned about the number of coronavirus cases in their towns and are demanding to know how many people are infected.

Majorca Mayors demand coronavirus infection details.

“There are two schools of thought, some Mayors would just like to know how many are infected, but not their names, so that they can assess the rate of infection in their municipalities, like in Andalusia where the data is updated every day. But other Mayors agree with the IB Salut approach because in small towns the sick could be singled out,” says Antoni Salas, President of the FELIB and Mayor of Costitx.


IB Salut has already declined the FELIB’s request for coronavirus data in individutal municipalities in the Balearic Islands saying the most effective thing they can do is make sure that everyone complies with the rules of confinement.