A slump in car sales. | Josep Bagur Gomila


In March, 934 new cars were registered in the Balearics. This represented a fall of almost 70% compared with March 2019, a clear indication of the impact of the crisis.

A figure for registration in Minorca has not been specified, but the damage caused by the virus could prove to be irreparable. Orestes Carreras, the president of the island's dealers, says that ERTE layoffs are essential for car dealers; these would apply to over 300 employees. These ERTEs would cover the immediate short term, but "the future is even more worrying".

He explains that they are operating on margins of up to 1.5% depending on the brand, with discounts in the region of 5,000 euros benefiting buyers. "Nothing will ever be as it was. We will have to adapt."

Over the first three months of the year, 4,470 cars were sold in the whole of the Balearics, a decrease of 30% which almost entirely corresponds with the slump in March sales. The Aseda association of automobile dealers in the Balearics wants ERTEs to be authorised as they are the only viable possibility of maintaining the direct employment of some 5,000 workers on the islands.