The vehicle was set ablaze. | Bombers de Palma (Palma Fire Brigade)


Shortly after midnight on Sunday morning, the National Police received calls regarding an apparent case of domestic violence. When officers arrived at the scene in the vicinity of Calle Pablo Iglesias in Palma, a woman told them that some hours previously her husband had appeared at the house, had knocked on the door and shouted: "This is my house. I don't care about the restraining order. It's my house." She added that a few days earlier she had seen him asleep in a communal area. She hadn't called the police because "if I had reported him, he would have cut my throat".

While officers were taking the statement from the woman, the husband phoned their daughter. One of the officers tried to speak to him, but he refused. Moments later, the daughter was sent a video by her father which seemed to show him setting fire to himself.

The police control room informed the officers that there was a burning vehicle on Calle 16 de Julio in the Son Castelló industrial estate. It was confirmed that the vehicle, a Ford Tourneo Courier, belonged to the husband.

The 112 emergency call centre then learned that a man had gone to the offices of the security firm Trablisa on the Calle Gremi Selleters i Basters. His hands were burned. A security guard phoned 061, and a Palma police patrol went to the scene together with the ambulance. The husband told the police that he had burned his hands by accident.

At around quarter to three, he was arrested by the National Police. Sedated, he was taken to Son Espases Hospital.