The abandoned yacht at Son Maties beach.


Work on scrapping the yacht at Son Maties beach will start on Tuesday next week, five days before the anniversary of the yacht having run aground.

Calvia town hall has ruled out the yacht being removed by sea or by road; neither would be feasible. Instead, work will be carried out in situ. This will entail a preliminary and detailed inspection in order to create inventories of hazardous and reusable materials. Items like electrical appliances will be taken off the yacht before work on dismantling the yacht starts. Eventually, the whole of the yacht will be cut up.

The owner of the yacht will be charged with the cost of doing this - put at 80,000 euros.


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Marinero / Hace about 1 year

The fact is that some owners are so upset by something like this that they just cant bear to think about it so just ignore the problem. I know of other cases. The yacht is now totally worthless and and eyesore. If the problem had been dealt with promptly it could have been salvaged.


Linnet Woods / Hace about 1 year

Such a shame. The owner was let down by his crew who left the yacht unattended on the night of the storm, which meant his insurers would not meet any claim for assistance with getting the boat off the beach The lowest offer he got from a local company to reflioat the vessel was 26,000€, half payable in advance, which he couldn't raise quickly enough to prevent the yacht being broken into, robbed and vandalised. Long story short, he had to give up all hope of recovering his pride and joy and return to Germany, eventually leaving the yacht in the hands of the council as the fines were mounting up every day and there seemed to be nothing else he could do. He will probably be paying off the bill for the rest of his life, poor chap.


Yogi / Hace about 1 year

I don’t get this either. If the owner of the boat is known why isn’t he or she in prison for abandoning this eyesore and danger on the beach until It is removed. The bill will not get paid. There’ll be insurance and legal squabbles for years. Remove anything dangerous, patch it to stay afloat long enough and then tow it out to deep water and sink it! Cheaper and quicker with a good dose of restorative justice too.


lennart bjolgerud / Hace about 1 year

Perhaps I do not understand the full picture, but on the surface, I'm surprised that the owner of the boat only has to pick up the tab for the destruction and removal of of its bits. Is there no sanction associated with leaving the boat for a year (not only to the visual detriment of the beach goers), but also with risks and costs to the townhall for spending time processing this. I must be missing something?