Coronavirus fatalities continue to decline in Spain. | EFE


The Spanish Health Ministry confirmed coronavirus 517 deaths and 3,477 new infections nationwide in the last 24 hours, taking the total numbers to 17,489 fatalities and 169,496 infections since the crisis began.

That’s the biggest reduction in numbers so far.

Another 2,336 patients have completely recovered from Covid-19, maintaining the upward trend and bringing that total to 64,727.

The most affected area is the Community of Madrid where 47,146 have been infected and 6,423 have died. Catalonia is second with 34,726 infected and 3,538 deaths from coronavirus.

Andalusia has 10,187 infected and 815 dead; Aragon has 4,187 infected and 464 dead; Asturias has 1,958 infected and 149 dead and the Balearic Islands has 1,550 affected and 117 dead.

In the Canary Islands there are 1,944 infected and 96 dead; Cantabria has 1,777 infected and 117 dead; Castilla-La Mancha has 14,054 infected and 1,626 deaths; Castilla y León has 12,628 infected and 1,263 dead; Ceuta has 95 affected and 4 dead and the Valencian Community has 9,060 infected and 876 dead.

In Extremadura there are 2,659 infected and 321 have died; Galicia has 7,494 infected and 284 dead; Melilla has 101 infected and 2 dead; Murcia has 1,463 affected and 101 dead; Navarra, 4,092 affected and 239 dead; The Basque Country has 11,018 infected and 831 dead and La Rioja has 3,358 infected and 223 dead.