Staff at the Mateu Orfila Hospital. | Área de Salut de Menorca


The Thursday figures for coronavirus cases in the Balearics show that four more patients have recovered, that there has been one death and that there has been no increase in the number of people infected.

The patients who have recovered are all from the care home in Es Mercadal - three residents and one social care worker. The one death, a 93-year-old, was a resident of this home.

The number of active positive cases of the virus is now eighteen, the lowest it has been since 22 March, when there were seventeen. Of these eighteen, eight are in hospital, with five being in intensive care. The other ten are at home and being regularly monitored by the health service "flying" team of a doctor, nurse and driver.

In all, Minorca has had 107 cases of coronavirus. Nine people have died, eighty have recovered, and 18 are currently active.