Some second homes are luxury homes; but there are travel restrictions.


Spain's minister of transport, José Luis Ábalos, has entered the controversy caused by the letters sent to President Armengol by German owners of properties in the Balearics who wish to be able to travel to the Balearics.

The minister responded to a question about this from a German journalist, indicating that he will discuss the matter with the German government and look at options that will allow owners to travel. Asked if German citizens can make holiday bookings for this summer, Ábalos said that "we will try to open some avenues between countries that guarantee health security". "There are many German citizens with a residence in Spain, and we want them to enjoy it."

Meanwhile, the Balearic National and International Real Estate Association, which comprises fourteen leading real estate agencies, has voiced its support for the Balearic government's stance, which is to prioritise health and not yield to pressure from German citizens with second homes. The association's president, Hans Lenz, said on Wednesday that "this is a minority who do not represent the general feelings of the majority".

"The priority is health before all the rest. We don't agree with there being a polarisation of this issue, so we do not support the criticisms (of the Balearic government). We wish to thank, with all our heart, the health services, the security forces and the authorities in the Balearics for the fact that the islands have one of the lowest rates of infection and the fewest deaths in Spain."

Lenz added that there have been "innumerable" phone calls and emails with clients. Through these, "we have been able to verify that the love for the Balearic Islands, the people and the culture remains intact". "The vast majority of those we have consulted are supportive of health control efforts as an absolute priority and they respect the European and Spanish regulations that are in force to curb Covid-19."


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lizz / Hace about 1 year

Thank God for some common sense. I did post my opinions on this but the daily decided not to publish


Mike / Hace about 1 year

I too own a home in Mallorca So I also pay into the system with my taxes ,my wife and I would not dream about putting mallorquin lives at risk , we miss you all very much but your safety as well as ours is top priority ,We keep an eye on Mallorca through our camera system and it’s very strange to see nobody around so all you people who are complaining STOP let the whole mess run it’s course and then we will all be able to go back to Mallorca and help it and the mallorquins get back on their feet STAY SAFE MALLORQUINS WE LOVE YOU 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿