Alice Weber, Head of International Policy, Més per Majorca. | Ultima Hora


Alice Weber, Head of International Policy for Més per Majorca, has waded into the row over whether German property owners should be allowed to return to the island during the State of Emergency.

She delivered a scathing message to Germans who have complained about the coronavirus restrictions in Majorca.

"In times as dramatic as those we are now experiencing, the last thing we need is tourists demanding to be able to use their golf courses; many people live in Majorca, it is not their theme park."

Weber continued, “Right now the whole society of Majorca is making vital and superhuman efforts to try to get everyone back to normal. All this should not come to nothing just because some people want to come to the island for a vacation,” she said.

The Head of International Policy also said that German property owners should remember that 'we all have to be responsible and avoid improvisation and it takes responsibility not to go back and make mistakes that we will later regret."

The Eco-Sovereign Party has criticised the Spanish government for looking for ways to allow Germans who have residences to return to the island, as the Minister of Transport, Mobility & Urban Agenda, José Luis Ábalos, said on Wednesday.

Neus Truyol, Deputy Spokesperson for Més, was said ”we cannot afford frivolities or any proposal that puts the health of the citizens of the Balearic Islands at risk. We demand respect.”

Councillor Truyol dismissed Ábalos' proposal as "classist" saying rights cannot be bought and "buying a house or making an investment does not give you more rights than everyone else.”