Holiday rentals are an important segment of Minorca's tourism.

11-02-2020Josep Bagur Gomila

It is calculated that residential tourism (people with second homes) and holiday rentals generated 493 million euros in terms of visitor spending in Minorca in 2019. Between July and October, 345 million euros were spent, a sum which was higher than that for tourists who stayed in hotels - 253 million.

Owners and managers of holiday rental accommodation believe that once it is possible for people to travel, they will want to stay in safe accommodation where they can maintain social distance while also being able to count on services, in particular those for cleanliness and health.

The Viturme association for holiday rentals in Minorca doubts that the summer will be profitable, but its president, Javier Pons de Marco, suggests that British tourists will want to go to holiday destinations which don't involve long-distance travel and which can also guarantee health and social distancing. Minorca offers this.

Holiday rental accommodation accounts for thirty per cent of Minorca's tourism. The association has been telling the regional government and the Council of Minorca that once it is possible for tourists to travel, both national and from the main foreign markets, the holiday rental sector will have an advantageous position.


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John london / Hace about 1 year

Allow people who have rental properties or who have a rental agreed to return to Menorca as a start and a boost for its economy. Most restaurants have enough outside space for social distancing. Best wishes to you all John Welland London


John Little / Hace about 1 year

and sitting in a crowded aircraft to get here ????


Palmadave / Hace about 1 year

Jason, 'relax the holiday rentals'.....................Please explain?


Jason / Hace about 1 year

That’s obvious if this antitourism government is serious about getting the economy going instead of ruining it like they have been intent on doing the past few years they need to relax the holiday rentals and get the spending customers back from the all inclusive hotels ... I certainly wouldn’t take my family to a hotel now and chance being locked in or being close to too many people in one place !