Police arrest a member of the 'Los Pelúos' clan for allegedly growing marijuana. | Youtube: Ultima Hora


Police say they’ve dismantled a marijuana plantation in the Son Oliva neighbourhood of Palma.

Neighbours complained about the smell of marijuana, extreme noise and threatening behaviour after several members of the notorious ‘Los Pelúos’ gypsy clan allegedly squatted in an apartment in their building.

When the drug squad raided the property they reportedly dismantled a marijuana plantation with more than a hundred plants, 20 heat lamps and filters hooked up to the power supply.

Lamps, ventilation equipment, filters, transformers and other drug paraphernalia was confiscated during the raid.

The alleged drug dealer had reinforced his door with metal plates to stop the Police getting into his home.

He was in the apartment with a woman and a baby when he was arrested and as he was escorted to a waiting Police car, a large number of neighbours went to their windows and balconies and gave the Officers a standing ovation.

"No one can imagine what we have suffered in recent months, it has been a nightmare, "said one neighbour.

Police have known for years that ‘Los Pelúos’ have been taking over the homes of people who were evicted by the banks.

The success of this operation is good news for Local and National Police who’ve dismantled more than 150 drug outlets and confiscated drugs worth more than two million euros since 2009.