Prime Minister Sánchez speaking on Saturday evening.


Prime Minister Sánchez gave his latest briefing on Saturday evening. He started by saying that the virus will only be defeated when there is a vaccine. This is still some months away, "but the number of people being cured daily now exceeds the number of people infected". The prime minister described this is as "a first victory". It is "partial and modest" but is "a victory for all of us".

He signalled that further relaxation of confinement was on its way. If everything goes well with the permissions as they have been, such as the restarting of non-essential work activities, "from 2 May there will be permission to go out to do physical activity". People will be able to exercise, do sport and take walks - on an individual basis.

The de-escalation plan will be presented on Tuesday after it is approved by the cabinet.
This will be gradual and it will depend on where people live, as the incidence of coronavirus has differed. Not everywhere will advance at the same speed, but there will be the same rules for everyone. "We went into this together and we will leave it together as a country, as a team, even if we do so at different speeds."