Police confiscate 1,000 ecstasy pills in Manacor. | Policía Nacional


Two men have been arrested in Manacor for alleged drug dealing.

The court heard that the two men were detained on April 24 in Carrer de l’Esperança after Officers spotted them carrying a very bulky blue fanny pack and a 500 gram cereal box.

Police say the one with the cereal box tried to make a run for it, but was intercepted and that when the box of Whole Wheat Flakes with Chocolate Shavings was opened a neatly sealed bag of cereal and two fist-sized pouches containing 1,000 pink, cloud-shaped ecstasy tablets were found inside.

The suspect reportedly tried to escape a second time in Carrer d’Artà but the Officers caught him.

Whilst his alleged accomplice tried to outrun the Police, the other suspect threw the fanny pack containing 650 euros under a car.

One of the suspects was released from prison on Tuesday after paying 10,000 euros bail money, but the other defendant is still in jail.