Time slots for adults going out on Saturday. | Luis Tejido/EFE


The Central Government’s Technical Committee has announced that specific time slots will be allocated for adults going out this Saturday.

The exact details will be confirmed by Health Minister, Salvador Illa, on Thursday afternoon.

Sequenced time slots

The Minister of Transport & Mobility, José Luis Ábalos, said that ideally a sequence would be put in place for walking and doing sports on May 2, to avoid that an explosion of people on the streets and in the parks.

“Time slots must be put in place in collaboration with the Autonomous Communities and Municipalities," Abalos said.

He insists that clarification is absolutely necessary before Saturday to confirm when adults can go out for a walk by themselves, with people they live with, or to practice sport.

"It must be discussed at length to make sure that children, couples and those are playing sports do not mix" he said.