Peter Chiykowski & Video game character, Harvey. | Ultima Hora/Stardew Valley


A man has gone the extra mile to get his marriage back on track by changing his appearance so that he looks like the video game character his wife is obsessed with.

Peter Chiykowski who’s Canadian but lives in Scotland, says his wife couldn’t get enough of the indie video game, Stardew Valley.

In the game, the player controls the actions of Harvey, who’s escaped from his office job and gone to live on a farm in Pueblo Pelícano.

“She didn't talk about anything else, I felt like a game widower,” says Peter.

His wife wasn’t just preoccupied with the game she also took a shine to the main character and even told Peter that she had married Harvey in the imaginary universe of Pueblo Pelícano.

Fascinated and slightly worried, Peter contacted Eric Barone, creator of Stardew Valley via Twitter to try to figure out why his wife would be so obsessed with the show.

Eric Barone didn’t reply but Peter was determined to get his wife back so he decided to take an interest in the game, thinking that might do the trick.

Once he’d watched it a few times he decided to change his appearance so that he looked like the Stardew Valley character, Harvey, that his wife loved so much and it worked.

Peter says communication between them is much better now and their passion for the video game has brought them closer together.

Stardew Valley fans have congratulated his wife for marrying ‘Harvey’ twice.