Phase 1 begins with lowest death toll in Spain since March 18. | EFE


On Monday, May 11, Spain had the lowest coronavirus death toll since March 18 according to the Ministry of Health.

123 people died from Covid-19 in the last 24 hours, taking the total to 26,744.

There were also 373 new infections, making 227,436 altogether.

Another 257 people have been hospitalised and 20 of them were admitted to the ICU.

973 patients were discharged from hospital on Monday, which means 137,139 have beaten the disease.

It’s the first time in two months that the number of fatalities has dropped this low, but experts warn that sometimes there’s a delay in notifications of deaths after the weekend.

There were 107 coronavirus deaths on March 18; 182 on March 17 and 152 on March 16 the same day that the State of Emergency was declared.