In court on Monday. | Alejandro Sepúlveda


Four Chilean burglars who committed a series of break-ins between June and July 2018 will be expelled from Spain in September.

On Monday, the four were each sentenced to five years and five months in prison, with expulsion from Spain after two-fifths of the sentences have been served. As they have been in prison since July 2018, the expulsion and return to Chile will be in September.

The Guardia Civil say that the four belonged to a Chilean network that has been committing robberies in various parts of Europe in recent years. Targeting luxury properties, the wave of break-ins in Majorca started on Sant Joan Eve in 2018, the 23rd of June. On that night, two properties - one in Bendinat, the other in Santa Ponsa - were broken into. Twenty-four hours later, there were further burglaries. The gang concentrated on properties in Calvia and Santanyi.

They stole jewellery and cash, the total value of which was some 300,000 euros. In terms of value, the largest haul was from the final break-in on July 22 - jewellery worth 170,000 euros. Soon after this, they were arrested at a flat in Magalluf.