President Armengol in parliament on Tuesday. | Teresa Ayuga


In parliament on Tuesday, President Armengol called on the opposition Partido Popular to display "high-mindedness" in helping to face up to the economic crisis.

Armengol and the leader of the PP, Biel Company, once more clashed over the handling of the crisis as it has affected the Balearics. The president defended the government's management and its efforts to alleviate the impact of the crisis on workers. Company accused her of adopting "propaganda" measures that are harmful to the economy.

The high dependence on tourism, Armengol reiterated, makes the Balearics the region most affected in terms of economic and employment paralysis. She referred to policies to support employees, the self-employed, businesses and individuals with limited resources.

The president asked Company: "Have you taken into account that there are still no tourists in the Balearics?" This was in response to his criticism of the fact that there was a 92% increase in May unemployment. Company maintained that this figure was a sign of the ineffectiveness of measures taken and being proposed by the government, and he emphasised a lack of support that is coming from the Spanish government.

"This is not the time to be wasting time with ideological measures," the PP leader insisted, referring to decrees for economic reconstruction, one of which is directed at reversing regulation he had introduced when environment minister. He added that during the two and a half months of crisis, Armengol had only once invited him for a meeting at the government's Consolat de Mar headquarters.