Atlàntida Film Fest 2020, July 27-August 2 | Filmin


The Atlàntida Film Fest is taking place a month later this year because of the coronavirus crisis, but the 10th edition of the largest online film festival in Europe gets underway on July 27 with screenings at venues all over Palma until August 2 and online until August 27.

It’s organised by the streaming platform Filmin, directed by Mallorcan Jaume Ripoll and its focus is Europe.

Filmin has released six films, which have already premiered either in Spain or the Balearic Islands.

‘Last and First Men’ by Jóhann Johánsson, had its world premiere at the Berlin Film Festival and features Tilda Swinton.

‘Moffie’ by Oliver Hermanus was presented at the Venice Film Festival and described as a masterpiece by Variety Magazine.

A documentary by Yung Chang follows in the footsteps of the legendary British Journalist Robert Fisk, one of the leading chroniclers of global conflicts of the last 40 years.

‘Photographer of War’ by Boris Bertram, is a portrait of War Photographer Jan Grarup.

‘The Diver’ is Directed by the Austrian Günter Schweiger, stars Álex Brendemühl and was shot in Ibiza.

‘The Site of Otto’ is actor Oriol Puig’s Directing debut and features Iñaki Mur, Joana Vilapuig and Nora Navas.

The festival will also offer a full retrospective of Aleksey Balabanov, one of the leading names in Russian cinema with screenings of 13 feature films.

Music always plays a big part in the Atlàntida Film Fest, and two names have already been confirmed in its concert schedule.

María José Llergo will perform her first recital in the Balearic Islands and the Catalonian singer and composer, Pavvla, will present some of her new songs.


Sergio Caballero designed the poster for the 10th edition of the Atlàntida Film Fest, following in the footsteps of Nauzet Mayor, Ana Cabello, Albert Pinya and Miquel Barceló.

Caballero is a multidisciplinary artist who’s known for his work as a co-Director and was also responsible for the Sónar Festival poster in Barcelona.

For the third consecutive year, Atlàntida spotlights young talents through the Mallorca Talents Lab, which helps seven screenwriters to develop their feature films under the watchful eye of experts.

The finalists are:

‘El camino de ida’ by Miguel Alcalde;

‘Nina’ by Andrea Jaurriet

‘El Querer' by Miguel Machetti

‘Custom’ by Laura Blanco

‘Perseidas’ by Ignacio Lasierra

‘Immersion’ by Oleguer Homs

‘The Best Of Your Deaths’ by Jorge Vañó

Last year, a record breaking 150,000 spectators enjoyed the Atlàntida Film Festival.