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It will take two years for the Tourism Sector to recover and get back to the level it was at in 2019, according to Sector Representatives.

On Tuesday, Federico J. González Tejera, President and CEO of Radisson Hotel Group, Gloria Guevara, President and CEO of the World Travel & Tourism Council and Luis Maroto, President and CEO of Amadeus, took part in an online debate of the Spanish Association of Managers or AED to analyse the post Covid-19 prospects for World Tourism.

Luis Maroto believes that National markets will improve before International markets and is confident that “positive signs are already visible in domestic markets such as China, South Korea and also in Europe,” he said.

González Tejera says that after what happened in the first quarter of this year Hotel turnover for 2020 will plummet by 50-55% compared to 2019.

"In 2021, the index will be 5 or 10% lower than in 2019 and only in 2022 will it be 5 or 10% above last year", he said, adding that it is essential that the protocols be industry standard and as global as possible.

“We are seeing cleaning and sanitation protocols being introduced Nationally, or Regionally and continuing like this will cause tremendous chaos,” he said. “Industry and Governments must work towards making sure that all procedures are the same worldwide.”

Gloria Guevara says Governments must support the Sector while it’s still in survival mode, that the implementation of protocols is fundamental to the recovery of confidence amongst travellers and that it must be "standard everywhere in the world."

Most Demanding Consumers

Industry Representatives also believe tourists will be more demanding after the coronavirus crisis.

"During the crisis, consumers have realised that information is key to their choice," said Gonzalez Tejera.

Luis Maroto thinks that the trends that were already occurring before the crisis will accelerate.

“The Tourism Industry is a pioneer of digital and online sales. There will be greater specialisation in distribution channels, so it will be necessary to segment better and add value to the service provided,” he explained.