Spain to open land borders with France & Portugal. archive photo. | Reuters


Spain is opening its land borders with France and Portugal from June 22, according to Industry, Trade & Tourism Minister Reyes Maroto.

Only returning Spaniards, cross-border workers and truck drivers have been allowed into Spain since the country went into lockdown in March to stop the spread of coronavirus.

The opening of borders in the Schengen area of Europe is key as countries try to kickstart their economies in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Spain initially said it would not lift border restrictions until July 1, but over the last few days had hinted that some could be lifted earlier.

Minister Maroto said on Thursday that Madrid is working on experimenting with tourism in certain regions in the second half of June.

France has already said it was in favour of Europe opening its internal borders from June 15.

Portugal officially closed its border until June 15 but the Government had previously said it assumed it would remain closed until the end of the month because of Spain's restrictions and will now be lifted earlier.