Layo Guerrero Cañadas. | Ultima Hora


A diver who went missing whilst snorkeling in Portals Vells on Wednesday has been named as Layo Guerrero Cañadas.

His family called the 061 Emergency Services when he didn’t return after several hours.

The Guardia Civil, Local Police, Maritime Rescue, Civil Protection, GEAS divers, are taking part in the operation and boats and helicopters are searching the area.

Emergency personnel are now concentrating their search on the Portals Vells caves because the GPS of Layo’s watch is reportedly showing at that location.

Several scenarios are being considered, including the possibility that he may have been injured by a boat. There have been a number of complaints from locals and divers that boats are sailing too close to the coast.


Rescue teams searched the area around Cala Figuera on Thursday, where the water is deep and choppy and the currents are very strong, in case Layo had been dragged out to sea.

The Authorities say volunteers who want to help should go to Portals Vells beach, wear yellow vests and suitable shoes and bring a mobile phone, a spare battery, trekking poles, water, binoculars and sunscreen.

Layo Guerrero Cañadas is a highly regarded technician with the 061 Ambulance Service and his disappearance has shocked his teammates.

He is married, has a son and although originally from Granada, has lived in Majorca for many years.

He went to the beach with his family on Wednesday and decided to go scuba diving with a tube and a mask, but has not been seen since.