Work in Cala Ratjada. | Assumpta Bassa


Environmentalists GOB have called for a cessation of the work being carried out on the promenade in Cala Ratjada.

GOB claim that Capdepera town hall is passing this work off as emergency repairs to damage caused by Storm Gloria in January, when it has "nothing to do" with this "alleged" damage. The organisation maintains that the work involves a comprehensive remodelling that the town hall has long planned. Moreover, it says that Storm Gloria didn't cause significant damage; in fact there was hardly any. "It is incomprehensible how this can be authorised as emergency work when it wasn't damaged."

According to GOB, the work that has been authorised by the town hall and the Costas Authority is contrary to municipal regulations and to the Coasts Law. The environmentalists have denounced the facts to the Costas and demanded a suspension of works. They also want the town hall to be sanctioned for carrying out work that isn't an emergency but is instead new construction.