Partido Popular leader Biel Company in parliament on Tuesday. | Pere Bota


The leader of the opposition Partido Popular, Biel Company, insisted in parliament on Tuesday that President Armengol "should not be afraid of Madrid and should demand what belongs to the Balearics" from the state funds to be distributed to the regions.

Company wanted to know exactly how much the Balearics will be receiving of the total of 16,000 million euros. The president has yet to say how much she has asked for, "but if this were a PP government, we would have already held a press conference and stated what we had requested".

Armengol said that the government's claim on the funds is based "on the needs of the population". She went on to defend the management of the crisis by her left-wing government, observing that during the previous crisis, "his party (the PP) chose to throw workers out onto the streets". "In this crisis, PSOE have wanted to protect them."

As the president didn't offer a figure, Company stressed the need for the government to calculate the amount which corresponds to the Balearics and demand this from Madrid "out of respect for the citizens". He suggested that the amount will be 450 million euros.