2nd immigrant patera in 24 hours spotted near ses Salines | Ultima Hora


The second boatload of illegal immigrants to arrive in Majorca in 24 hours has been intercepted by the Guardia Civil.

There were seven people onboard the patera which was spotted half a kilometre from Faro de ses Salines.

The immigrants who arrived in the Santanyi area on a 5 metre long boat on Wednesday have filled out healthcare questionnaires and all of them tested negative for coronavirus.

Seven pateras have arrived in the Balearic Islands this year and two since the declaration of the State of Emergency.

The first two arrived on January 2 with 25 immigrants onboard, 14 were in a boat that was intercepted by the Guardia Civil whilst sailing in the waters of Cabrera and 11 others were detained in Ibiza.

On February 9, another 18 migrants were intercepted near Cabrera and on February 13, another 13, including 5 minors were intercepted in the same area. On February 24, a patera with 16 people onboard was intercepted in Cabrera and on June 17, the Guardia Civil detained 7 people who arrived in Ses Salines.

Last year 41 boats with 507 immigrants onboard arrived on the Balearic coast.