María Jesús Montero speaking on Tuesday. | J. J. Guillén


The Spanish government spokesperson, María Jesús Montero, said on Tuesday that the coronavirus pandemic is controlled and is following the expected evolution, so the government is not considering re-declaring the state of alarm "either in the short or medium term".

Earlier on Tuesday, the deputy prime minister, Carmen Calvo, said that if new coronavirus outbreaks worsen, the government would consider decreeing a state of alarm in specific parts of the country. "Hopefully we won't have to, but we will be firm in protecting health."

Calvo explained that twelve active outbreaks are controlled and that these fall within what had been foreseen. "There are going to be outbreaks. The important thing is that they are controlled as quickly as possible and that anyone with symptoms reacts very quickly by going to health centres."

She added that the government can decree a state of alarm in parts of the country, as there is no other legal mechanism for restricting the movement of people.

But Montero was to later stress that there are the necessary instruments to limit sporadic and localized outbreaks that are emerging in specific areas, although she didn't completely rule out possible reactivation of a state of alarm in order to restrict mobility, as the government would activate all the mechanisms at its disposal to stop the spread of the virus.