Parliament's tourism committee met on Thursday. | @ParlamentIB


On Thursday, the Balearic parliament's tourism committee voted in favour of there being a European strategic plan for the recovery of tourism based on a "Europe Mark".

The proposal had been led by the leader of Ciudadanos, Marc Pérez-Ribas, who argued that campaigns to support the tourism sector this season and over coming seasons cannot be based exclusively on promoting national tourism. He stressed that people will only be convinced to travel if there is security and they have confidence. The Europe Mark, he suggested, should be distinguished by the "security it conveys to tourists, so that they can organise holidays with full guarantees of health protection". "A European seal of sanitary certification must be created for tourism."

Regarding financial aid from the EU, Pérez-Ribas insisted that tourism must be placed at the centre, with "clear guidance so that the supply of liquidity reaches the industry's value chain and its employees". He also called on the Spanish government to support a Ciudadanos proposal that the Balearics provide the venue for the European Tourism Summit. This would be in recognition of the islands' global role in tourism.