Flight cancellations topped the list of consumer claims. | Javier Coll


The regional government's consumer affairs directorate dealt with 1,578 claims during the state of alarm, of which 632 were directly related to the health crisis. Heading the list, with 273 claims, were flight cancellations. These were followed by package holidays (149), shows and other recreational activities (66), and restaurant and tourist accommodation services (46). Others included non-delivery of goods and complaints regarding online purchasing.

Over the period, sanctions of 267,080 euros were set. These are now being processed, their having been held back until the state of alarm was lifted.

The consumer and market surveillance service carried out 966 inspections, 888 of which were related to the Covid crisis. There were 512 inspections at leading retailers' stores that checked on the availability and prices of some 17,000 products. There were also 146 checks made on companies which were selling face masks online.