'Colomera' was put into the sea in Las Playas de Oropesa in Castellón. | Ultima Hora


A 100 kilo turtle, which was released on the beaches of Oropesa in Castellón last Thursday took just 4 days to swim to Majorca, according to the satellite tracking system attached to its body.

The Azul Marino Foundation and Oceanogràfic de Valencià put ‘Colomera’ into the sea in Castellón at 1230 on June 25 and the turtle started swimming like mad. In one day it had travelled 52.4 kilometres to the Columbretes Islands and by Tuesday it had swum another 163 kilometres to the Port of Valldemossa.

'Colomera' swam from Las Playas de Oropesa in Castellón to Majorca.

The turtle’s 397.7 kilometre trip took just 4 days at an average speed of 2.5 kilometres an hour and amazingly, the satellite transmitter was still working when it arrived in Majorca, despite the hostile natural environment it had been travelling in.

The Balearic Islands and the Delta de l’Ebre on the Peninsula are conducive to the loggerhead turtle because of their oceanographic conditions and the food possibilities they offer.