Bartolomé Cursach released on 150,000 euros bail.

Bartolomé Cursach released on 150,000 euros bail.

30-06-2020Ultima Hora

The Majorcan businessman, Bartolomé Cursach has been released on bail for 150,000 euros, ordered not to leave the country and forced to surrender his passport.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office had insisted that precautionary measures be put in place to prevent Cursach escaping Spain before his corruption trial.

The Majorcan businessman is facing a raft of allegations, including bribery and coercion, throwing parties for Police Officers at Tito’s and supplying them with prostitutes, drugs and alcohol.

Cursach’s former right hand man, Bartolomé Sbert has also been ordered to give up his passport but won’t have to pay bail.


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Steve Kane / Hace about 1 year

These two Guys are amongst the worst Criminals on the Island do you honestly think that now they are out of Jail they will stay in Spain. They will have paid a lot more than 150.000 euros TO GET OUT who has helped them get out for so little. And false passports will already have been made for them .( BYE BYE JUSTICE AND TWO FINGERS TO THE POLICE) With all the misery they have caused they should have been kept in prison until the trail no matter how long that would take.

They will be off the island within weeks mark my words and someone will have pocketed a lot of money for this to have happened