Mayor Cifre (centre) with others at the yacht club in Puerto Pollensa. | Juanjo Roig


The Costas Authority is once more being asked to deal with boats that are illegally anchored in the bay of Pollensa.

Pollensa's mayor, Tomeu Cifre, says that Storm Gloria in January exposed the "fragility" of the Albercutx area of the bay. A large number of vessels which had been anchored were stranded. Others sank completely, leaving debris in the sea. Tackling this entailed significant cost for both the town hall and the Costas. Cifre explains that the town hall has been attempting to get the "competent administration" to assume responsibility for this area of the bay, but without success. "So, now we are in the middle of the summer and the thirty boats which were there after the storm have increased to over 200."

The town hall, Cifre adds, is aware of people engaged in the illegal renting-out of what is used for anchoring boats and in transfers to and from the beach. The occupation of the bay is so extreme that channels reserved for rescue services are obstructed.

The town hall feels that it is necessary to convene a commission in which all relevant authorities participate in arriving at a definitive solution to the problem. Cifre says that every time that the town hall seeks to try and regulate matters in the bay area, there is a refusal by the regional environment ministry. This even included setting up a couple of children's play areas on the beach. A further example, also on the beach, relates to an extension of the picnic table area in Llenaire. "Not only has this been denied, they have forced us to remove existing tables."

Support for the town hall is coming from the yacht club, the fishermen's brotherhood, local business and the resident's association in the port.