Social gatherings popularly known as 'botellón' have been banned. | MIQUEL A CANELLAS


The Balearic health ministry has amended regulations for family and social gatherings. Under the new normal regulations issued in June, there were maximum limits of seventy people outdoors and thirty people in enclosed spaces. Friday's order from the ministry has reduced these limits to thirty and fifteen respectively.

The order includes "festive celebrations of a religious nature, which imply parties, meals or similar". This applies to places of worship and to private dwellings. However, weddings (and similar celebrations) are not affected by this latest order. The maximum limits remain 250 people outdoors and 150 indoors, with the caveat that the "minimum distance of interpersonal security between non-cohabitants must be respected". In other words, people who don't live together have to make sure that they are at least 1.5 metres apart.

The ministry has also introduced a general ban on "social gatherings popularly known as 'botellón' ", which are held in public spaces, such as streets, parks, squares and car parks or elsewhere in the open air.