The Moors and Christians battle has been cancelled this year. | Pere Bota


Despite the cancellation of all events for the La Patrona fiestas that would have attracted large gatherings of people, Pollensa town hall has taken measures to ensure that there are no gatherings. The fiestas end tomorrow, and the highlight would normally be the Moors and Christians battle, which has been cancelled, as has the "Alborada" wake-up tomorrow morning. Under normal circumstances, there would have been a night party in the Plaça Major tonight.

Mayor Tomeu Cifre has announced a series of measures which apply to the public and to bars, restaurants and clubs. In order to ensure that these measures are adhered to, there is special deployment of local police, Guardia Civil, Civil Protection volunteers, and personnel from the government's interior and emergencies directorate.

The mayor's announcement states that the organisation of gatherings, parties or any type of event - whether in private or open to the public - will constitute a "serious infraction" where crowds "prevent" or "make difficult" the application of health protection measures. Participation in these events will also be a serious infraction. Fines can range between 3,001 and 60,000 euros.

On Sunday, bars and restaurants will need to shut between 16.00 and 19.30. Establishments will have to close no later than 02.00, which is in line with the government's order, as is the 22.00 cut-off point for customers sitting at bars. There can be no external bars or sale of drinks through doors or windows. Fines for lesser offences will be up to 750 euros.